Breast Cancer and a Love Story

Breast Cancer StoryMeet Jill. Jill wants to inspire you. Jill wants to touch your life. Jill wants you to love and accept your body – beautiful exactly at it is.

Jill is the ultimate story of strength, love, and gratitude – a story that inspires all of us to live life at its fullest no matter the circumstances we are dealt. You see, Jill was married only 3 months when she lost both breasts to breast cancer. She was diagnosed the day before her 32nd birthday.

I saw Jill’s story when it was featured as part of a photography course online. I watched in tears as this beautiful woman showed such grace through what many of us would deem horrific circumstances. She made me want to fight for her and to show all women the beauty they possess, both inside and out, regardless of anything they have to deal with in life.

Jill and Sue Bryce, the photographer that captured her amazing story, inspired me in my work. So I created a program for women to reconnect them with their femininity again. Because femininity – the power of radiating your true self – is where real beauty and grace lies. We all have it, we are born with it, and completely embody it in the first years of our life. Just look at any little girl! But as we grow older, we have unlearned or blocked it for so many different reasons. And now we don’t know why we aren’t as happy or fulfilled anymore.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching people from all over the world for the last ten years. But it wasn’t until I discovered Sue Bryce’s work that I saw the power of capturing a person’s soul through photography. So I combined the two into an integrative program, one that works on our internal and external beauty. One that integrates our body, mind, and spirit. A program for both women and teen girls. Since it’s so new, I’d love for you to find out if it’s right for you, and for me to have certainty that it covers everything you need. I’m offering free 30 minute consultations in person or by phone. Then, we will get started on our weekly events to really support and empower each other!

So even if you have never been touched by cancer, Jill’s story will affect you. You will love more and want to help in some way. But most of all you will truly appreciate yourself and give back by taking care of your body and spirit.

Watch Jill’s story and see her dream photoshoot in Paris at And to schedule your free strategy session with me, contact me here.