Look, Sound, and Feel Great On Camera

Peak Performance Coaching for Camera Confidence and Business Branding


Your Secret Weapon

Your On-Camera Presence Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Asset

But looking natural and engaging on camera isn’t easy.

Do you struggle to authentically showcase your expertise on camera?

Or are you held back by self-doubt or how you look or sound on video?

If you’ve ever felt that disconnect between the vibrant leader you are and the version that shows up on camera, you’re not alone.

That’s where I come in — to help coaches, creatives, and workshop leaders like you to shatter those limits and emerge as the charismatic, captivating leader you were born to be.

My unique approach blends professional photography, online event skills, and mindset coaching rooted in psychology principles.

We’re not just aiming for pretty pictures.

Our goal is to create powerful, high-converting visuals while dismantling the mental barriers that prevent you from being your most authentic, confident self on camera.

From this, you’ll naturally radiate charisma, credibility, and an instantly memorable brand persona that keeps your audience captivated.

Hi, I’m Joanna

I’m a transformational coach, trainer, and personal branding photographer on a mission to help coaches and creatives master the art of personal branding and captivate on camera.

Here’s what we’ll achieve together:

Authentic On-Camera Identity: Develop an magnetic on-camera identity that’s true to your personality
Break Through On-Camera Jitters: Overcome imposter syndrome, fears, self-consciousness, and “camera shyness” 
Master the Art of Engagement: Use body language, eye contact, and vocal delivery for maximum impact
Communicate Your Brand: Align your visuals with your brand’s core message and values so it is seen, heard, and felt
Expand Your Influence Effortlessly: With your new, confident, unforgettable online presence, watch as your reach, impact, and business grow — attracting new fans, opportunities, and clients.

Whether you’re launching a new online course, hosting workshops on zoom, promoting brand photos and reels, or selling with video, I’ll ensure you show up as the unforgettable leader and voice your audience craves.

Let’s design your powerhouse brand, amplify your message, and start creating visuals that convert browsers into loyal fans and clients. Book a free consultation to get started.

Get Started


Camera Confidence Kickstart Workshop

Discover the essentials of looking, sounding, and feeling great on camera! You’ll walk away with:
  • Quick wins for professional and beautiful on camera appearance
  • A content map with engagement boosting techniques
  • And authentic confidence building strategies for your on screen presence.


Work with me.

Find out how I can help you transform your online presence in as little as one session. We can meet virtually or in person, one-on-one or with a group, or at a live, full transformation retreat.


  • Coach you through a crisis or life or business challenge
  • Mentor you to multiply your business to the next level
  • Photograph you so you can transform how you see yourself
See For Yourself

The Portrait Experience

The portrait shoot empowers everyday women from all over the world in every age, shape, culture, and profession. Each experience is custom designed for you. Choose from the dream shoot, glamour, boudoir, headshot, and personal branding. Scroll through some of our transformations below.

Client Love

Life Coaching

“”My coaching time with you changed me for life. I don’t get depressed anymore, my life is in order, and I’m able to achieve anything I set out to do. You are worth every penny and more. I still can’t believe my first sale out of the gate was nearly $7,000!!! You’ve made a huge impact on my life!”


Portrait Shoot

“I used to be very camera shy; never liked any photos of myself. I no longer compare myself to others. I am who God created me to be. I am unique and special in my own right. Free. Reach down deep and see that you are worthy and beautiful. It will change the way you see yourself.”


Business Mentoring

“I have a stronger foundation. My eyes were opened to how I devalued myself and my business. I no longer give away my work, my sales average is respectable ($1200) and growing. I have bookings in my calendar, money in the bank. This is not just business-changing, it’s life changing.”


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Discover the essentials of looking, sounding, and feeling great on camera! Learn simple hacks for beautiful on camera appearance, presentation mastery, and authentic confidence building strategies.

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