Mentoring for Photographers

Photography mentoring

Uplevel Your Business

Do you want to double your business? Earn what you are worth — as an artist AND a business, while having a life? We will get crystal clear on your goals, your mission, and elevate your photography brand. Market easily and effortlessly, even if you are an introvert. I’ll give you one on one guidance and help get you results fast. I’ve been a mentor for Sue Bryce Education for 4 years and can help you whether you are just starting out and portfolio building or you are already a few years into your business and are ready to grow and take it to the next level. Tell me where you want to go and I’ll create for you the right map to get there.

Mentoring Topics

Eliminate Competition

Walk confidently into any room. Your business stands out and it doesn’t matter if there are other photographers charging much less than you. Our mentoring will set the foundation for your brand and business so you are no longer competing on price, but instead continuously attracting the ideal clients for YOU.

The Mentoring Experience

Mindset, Strategy, Guidance

Full Business Review

Your mentoring begins the moment you enroll with a thorough deep dive questionnaire into your business.


Your price list needs to support your goals. We’ll package your products and services for maximum profit and value.


It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or love networking. Marketing is easy when you utilize your nature and skills.


Everything in your business starts with you. We will transform any emotional and self value blocks on the spot.


Sales doesn’t have to be hard or pressure your customer. We’ll set it up so your client wants to buy from you.

Portfolio Build Shoot

Learn how to offer the most incredible dream shoots anywhere in the world. Elevate your photography in just 1 day.

The Next Level

Elevate Your Business

We can:

  • Deep dive into your current business model
  • Work through blocks, fears, self value beliefs
  • Marketing and networking for introverts
  • Establish profitable pricing and removing money blocks
  • Determine your unique intrinsic value as a photographer
  • Create goals and a plan to grow your business
  • Review or create your pdf magazine and marketing materials
  • Develop your marketing and social media
  • Create Facebook ads and an internet marketing plan
  • Have me visit your studio
  • Learn how to shoot on location or in a small space, hotel, studio, or your home/apartment
  • Develop your signature dream shoot package
  • Practice posing and build your portfolio
  • Retouch your images and go over post processing in Portraiture, Lightroom, Photoshop, Alienskin Exposure

Your Options

Mentoring Menu

I can help you achieve immediate results in as little as one session. How much time and money you invest in business mentoring is completely up to you. We can meet online, in person (New York City), or I can travel to you.


  • Booked one-on-one
  • Full day portfolio build in studio or on location for dream shoots
  • Available in 2-hour, 4-hour, and 8-hour options
  • In person (NYC) or through video/phone chat in a private online meeting room (anywhere in the world)
  • One time or monthly packages
  • 3 month deep dive program
  • Starts at $500


Client Results

“I feel aligned with my purpose”

“I went into mentoring thinking I was a confident seasoned photographer (mostly weddings) but I soon realized I felt like a newbie when it came to charging for the work I love doing more than anything – beauty/boudoir portraiture. In 4 months of working with Joanna I: opened a cute little tiny studio; overhauled my price list; made my first full price sale; and feel more aligned with my purpose.


“My income doubled”

“I was nervous to put my money out there and not see the return. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize how important the building blocks were. We worked on price, packages, overall brand, marketing strategies, and I had a fully booked month when we ended after 3 months. My income doubled and my bookings have gone way up. Do it! Your entire life could change if you just open up and let it.


“My average sale is up $1,000”

I wanted a mentor to go through my process of becoming a client and tell me what I needed to improve. I liked that Joanna put thought into my process, asked questions to get clarity, offered a different viewpoint, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Joanna helped me see I was giving too much information and encouraged me to bump my pricing up — my average sale has gone up $1,000!


“I got out of my own way”

“I am learning to trust myself for the first time, setting clear boundaries, and blasting through my own hindering beliefs around money. In the month since working with Joanna I got a new photography studio, built an entire portfolio, a website, created numerous marketing materials, set pricing I feel AMAZING about, and launched a new genre. The inquiries started to come within hours of making this shift!”


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