Hi, I'm Joanna

a coach, mentor, and photographer who helps women unleash their true selves!

Joanna Ziemlewski

Breakthrough Coach. Portrait Photographer.
Armchair Astronaut. Shoe Afficionado. Wanderluster.

What I do

Transformation is my Jam

I help remarkable women stop fighting themselves so they can double their business, make an greater impact, and live a life they truly love. To put it simply, I help you transform years of struggle and self doubt into the results you want in just 90 days. Sometimes even in 1 day.

It’s based on my belief that there is nothing wrong with you. You are whole, you are complete, and we just need to integrate what you forgot back together.

I’ve learned how to use the body, mind, and spirit combined with expert problem solving to help you strategically build your business while you simultaneously design a fulfilling life. I like to keep things simple and efficient (yeah I’m a former chemical engineer). So I’m one part logical to one part spiritual. A little woowoo, but based on science.

As a certified Master NLP Practioner and Trainer with Tony Robbins, I’ve had the pleasure of helping people from all over the world and in different stages of life, transform their suffering into empowering meaning that now fuels them. I have spent the 4 years as a mentor with Sue Bryce Education helping photographers gain confidence and clarity as an artist to create and grow a profitable business.

As a photographer myself, I adore helping women transform from the inside out just by stepping in front of my camera. Nothing makes me happier than to see that special spark lit from within. And this is what I capture in each woman, whether it’s in portrait or in spirit.

It’s by accepting and integrating all the parts of myself that I realized this was the missing piece. This is why so many women  sabotage themselves without even knowing it  filling themselves with judgment, blame and guilt, and then feeling like an imposter either after failure or success. Well I’m here to tell you no more. Let me show you how to shift this once and for all.

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For You To Know

How I Got Here

What makes me ME? It’s the experiences and valuable skills I’ve aquired on my own path to create a fulfilling life of my choosing. My years as a chemical engineer taught me how to problem solve, create, and optimize the resources I have  even when I felt I didn’t have any. Becoming a coach deepened my psychology and spirit at a level I never felt before. As a portrait photographer I learned how moving the body transforms how we see ourselves. And as a mentor I developed my mindset and leadership skills. All of the following years are an integration of body, mind, and spirit that are now part of the signature experience I developed for you — so that you can create the life you deserve.





For You To Experience

How We Can
Work Together

1. Join Me in my Camera Confidence Kickstart Workshop

Discover the essentials of looking, sounding, and feeling great on camera! Click here to learn simple hacks for beautiful on camera appearance, presentation mastery, and authentic confidence building strategies.

2. Join My Mastermind or Online Programs

Whether you need individual mentoring or supportive coaching with a group of amazing women, I can help you determine the right program for you. Schedule a quick chat with me to see which is the right fit for you.

3. Attend My Retreat

Join me on a soulful adventure to experience live transformation, support, coaching, a dream photoshoot, and a likeminded group of women at incredible destinations around the world. Get notified of event dates by joining the VIP list or schedule a chat with me to learn about the next retreat.

4. Book a Photo Shoot or VIP Weekend

Reconnect with the woman you really are. Align with her true desires. Capture her not just in this moment, but for a lifetime. You. Me. My team. A weekend or a day. The most personalized experience I offer, immersed in a day of soulwork and portraits. With a custom legacy product you will treasure for life. The authentic YOU. View our portrait portfolio and schedule a complimentary consultation.
For You To Feel

How I Roll

Holistic Experience

You are not one part, you are whole. Your breakthrough and transformation is from the inside out.

No Judgment Zone

We seek to understand first. A safe space of exploration, support, and love is the foundation of everything.

Solution Focused

There is always a way. Some things take longer than others, but there are no failures. Only learnings.


You are self empowered, we just help show you the way. We are all here to create a legacy, give back, and grow. We are always expanding and learning.


We are all in this together. The collective moves the individual. We create commerce centered around deeper human connection.


You. Me. This point in time. There are no distractions, no multitasking, no focusing on the past. All that is real is full connection in this moment.
Why You Should Trust Me

What Clients are Saying

“Just Do It!”

“I was chugging along for years trying to make things work, but no matter how hard I tried I was failing miserably. Sometimes you can’t see where you are failing and having a fresh set of eyes look at what you have done and tell you where to improve can be invaluable.”


“Life Changing”

“I am learning to trust myself for what may be the first time in my life. I am learning how to set clear boundaries for myself and am so proud of this. I have finally taken ownership for my finances and am blasting through my own hindering beliefs around money.”


“Making My Dreams Come True”

“Joanna is an awesome mentor, but doing a photoshoot with her, in Central Park feeling like a princess, just added that final icing on the cake.  A phenomenal complete package she offers.  Worth every penny I spent with no regrets. ”



“Joanna helped me see I was giving out too much info in my initial contact with a client, and then helped me reword my emails/guides so I was guiding them to the initial consult. She encouraged me to bump my pricing up just a bit more–my average sale has gone up $1,000!”


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Discover the essentials of looking, sounding, and feeling great on camera! Learn simple hacks for beautiful on camera appearance, presentation mastery, and authentic confidence building strategies.

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