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Personal Branding Portraiture

The “Stop the Scroll” personal branding portrait session is designed to showcase you and your brand, command attention, distinguish your business, and convert marketing into leads and sales. This isn’t your typical headshot or branding photo shoot. It’s a custom-tailored session that combines personal branding photography, internet marketing, sales psychology, high performance coaching, body language and microexpressions, all in one. You don’t have to be a model and you don’t have to study any of these things. I’ve done it for you. My team and I guide you every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about not being photogenic, not knowing how to pose, or anything else holding you back from stepping up and being seen as the leader of your business. It’s time you have a visual brand that makes the world take notice of the true impact you create.

Not Your Average Photo Shoot

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5-Step Branding Session

1. Assessment & Custom Design

No two brands are alike. Your voice, values, strengths, needs, and what makes you fascinating are how we design your session.

2. Full Professional Styling

A complete professional team is on site to check and straighten your wardrobe, style your hair and makeup, and ensure we capture the looks you need and want for your brand.

3. Coaching & Direction

Your job is to show up as the leader of your business. My job is to coach, pose, and direct you for the values, expression, and body language that best present your brand while you have fun!

4. Conversion Focused & Beautiful

Pretty pictures are not enough for effective branding. We capture images that promote conversion so you can capture the leads and sales your business needs to grow.

5. Complete Media Package

We create a complete media branding package for all of your promotional needs and show you how to use it.

Stand Out With Impact & Influence

Our luxury portraits elevate your brand so you can
communicate, convince, and convert in an instant.

Your Portrait Experience

The Portrait Session Includes:

Brand Evaluation

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page for a complimentary evaluation. We will assess your current brand and marketing so you can be a scroll-stopping brand that’s distinguished and gets attention and sales.

Coaching & Design Session

Our first step is to design your session and discuss your desired brand imagery. We will determine the images you need for your business and you will know exactly what wardrobe/props to bring to your session.

Professional Styling

Forget stressing about how you’ll look. A professional team is on site throughout your session for hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling. We’ll watch every hair and lash so you are camera ready.

Photo Shoot

Your 3 hour photo session will be the most fun you’ve had in front of the camera! I’ll guide you every step of the way and create 3 different looks for your needs. You can even include a business partner or loved one or sneak in a glamour or boudoir set.

Reveal Session

My personal guarantee is if you don’t love your photos, you are under no obligation to purchase them. There are no minimum orders. At the reveal session you will see your top 30 photographs and then select only the portraits and products you love.

Full Custom Retouching

Each and every portrait you select is hand retouched to represent you at your best. We will design a complete media branding package. Your portraits will be optimized and delivered in various formats for use in print, web, and stand-out marketing.


Client Experiences

“This is for everyone”

“I am not a person who wears makeup so for me the makeup was fun. I thought I looked cool, and I was happy with the quality. I say if you want to boost your confidence, have a shoot done and then show everyone!! Be proud of who you are on the inside and the photo’s will convey that on the outside.”

Melissa D.

“I felt like a million bucks!”

“This experience was the most wonderful, eye opening, self-confidence boosting, amazing experience I’ve had. I’ve recommended this to every woman I know. I urge you to embrace this experience and allow it to help your self confidence, helping to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.”


“Finally happy”

I was afraid I would look awkward in my pictures. I was so happy with the experience and for the first time with the way I look in the photos. I love that you know your angles and lighting which is so important….AND you give off so much positive energy! That helps people relax and be comfortable in working with you.


“Absolutely go for it”

“You don’t have to be a perfect body shape, a small size, or have a flat stomach. Own whatever moment in life you are in. You want to feel sexy, book a photo shoot just for the sake of saying, ‘Yeah, I did that.’ There’s no better feeling than having photos of yourself because you decided to love yourself. Happiness starts within.”

Melissa R.

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