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June 22 – July 8

European Tour

Glamour. Summer. Business. Mindset. Soul.

The most incredible way to experience Europe.

Paris. London. Amsterdam. Edinburgh. Barcelona. Venice.

The city you desire in Europe. With Me.

Hi, I’m Joanna.

And I invite you to join me for an incredible experience in Europe this summer. Whether you already live there, or you want to travel there, I’m so excited to bring some amazing opportunities to experience Europe to its fullest.

The Dream Shoot

Experience the photo shoot of a lifetime in a city you love. This is my signature experience that takes you through the ultimate portrait shoot like you’ve never had before.

Business Mentoring

You want to take your business to the next level. Elevate your brand. Earn what you’re worth. Market easily and effortlessly. I’ll give you one on one guidance and get you immediate results.


A luxury couture photo shoot is here.

Imagine feeling like you are the most important woman in the world. You are a celebrity having your own magazine style photo shoot in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everything is taken care of and the only thing you need to think about is when and where. A once in a lifetime experience you will never forget. It’s the ultimate portrait experience.


Your Invitation

Make your dream shoot a reality.

Celebrate yourself in a city you love. Glamour, landscape, culture, and transformation all wrapped up in one extraordinary portrait shoot.

Your Session Includes:

Design & Planning

Each shoot is personalized to you using our dream shoot questionnaire and a minimum of 2 Skype calls with you.

Glamour Styling

Our professional team will style your wardrobe, hair, and makeup on site and throughout the duration of your shoot.


A gourmet meal, behind the scenes video, commemorative album, and framed portrait are just a few of the added bonuses.

Full Day Shoot

We don’t watch the time as the day is all about you. A full day of photographs in 4-6 outfits on location or in a boutique hotel.

Custom Products

All your final portraits receive full beauty retouching and are delivered in a beautiful keepsake box engraved with your name.

How It Works



Request a complimentary consultation and dream shoot information magazine and we will schedule an appointment for to speak. All of your questions will be answered and you can book your session date and pay your retainer.



After you book your session and pay your retainer, you will complete a dream shoot questionnaire so we can begin planning the details of your session. We will have a minimum of 2 Skype calls before your shoot.



Arrive to your destination. The day before your shoot we will meet on site to style and fit your wardrobe and confirm all the final details. You will be fully prepared emotionally and physically by our team.


Request a Consultation

Business Mentoring


Elevate your business.

Create massive momemtum in one day by working together one on one. We will start with a full review of your services, marketing, pricing, and goals. Then we will dive deeper into how to achieve your targets, including mindset and emotion, as YOU are the driver of your business.


Set your business apart.

If you don’t stand out, you’re no longer in business. This mentoring day will set the foundation for your brand and business so that you are no longer competing on price, but attracting the perfect clients for you.

Mindset. Strategy. Guidance.

14 Full Business Review

Your mentoring begins the moment you enroll with a thorough deep dive questionnaire into your business.

14 Pricing

Your price list needs to support your goals. We’ll package your products and services for maximum profit and value.

14 Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or love networking. Marketing is easy when you utilize your nature and skills.

14 Mindset

Everything in your business starts with you. We will transform any emotional and self value blocks on the spot.

14 Sales

Sales doesn’t have to be hard or pressure your customer. We’ll set it up so your client wants to buy from you.

14 Portfolio Build Shoot

Learn how to offer the most incredible dream shoots anywhere in the world. Elevate your photography in just 1 day.

Dream Shoot Portfolio Build.

Create your dream shoot portfolio in just one day, complete with behind the scenes photos and videos. All while you learn and develop your dream shoot package.


14 Mapping out your shoot

We start from the beginning. Location, style, wardrobe, posing, timing of natural light and traffic, and marketing end use. We’ll develop your dream shoot package from start to finish.

14 Behind the scenes

While you are learning and photographing, I’m taking all of your behind the scenes photo and video to complete your marketing package. Leave the day with all the marketing footage you need.

14 Direction

Your shoots are only as strong as your direction. I’ll guide you every step of the way to find your voice, see light, develop poses, and selecting the right wardrobe for the right backdrop.

14 Full Team On Location

A model, hair stylist, and makeup artist are included in your portfolio build day. We will meet you at your location and work together to develop everything you need for your dream shoot.


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My coaching time with Joanna changed me for life. I don’t get depressed anymore, my life is in order, and I’m able to achieve anything I set out to do. She is worth every penny and more. I still can’t believe my first sale out of the gate was nearly $7,000!!! Joanna has made a huge impact on my life!


I used to be very camera shy; never liked any photos of myself. I no longer compare myself to others. I am who God created me to be. I am unique and special in my own right. Free. Reach down deep and see that you are worthy and beautiful. It will change the way you see yourself.


I have a stronger foundation. My eyes were opened to how I devalued myself and my business. I no longer give away my work, my sales average is respectable ($1200) and growing. I have bookings in my calendar, money in the bank. This is not just business-changing, it’s life changing.


Where in Europe do you want to meet?

Send me a message and let’s plan.