Attract New Clients Online

Are you ready to utilize the power of online marketing?

Do you want to build a list of targeted potential clients from your social media, website, and advertising visitors?

Whether you want to use organic search or paid advertising you must have an online funnel that captures leads.

So I’ve simplified it for you and created the map. You build it. With Me. And launch it with a mentor at your side.

Hi, I’m Joanna.

When I started my photography business I wanted to attract new customers fast. And I wanted them to be my ideal clients and not ones that drained me or my business.

I tried advertising on google and ended up giving them a nice donation without reaping any benefits. I also tried advertising on Facebook with smaller budgets and then started to learn what works and what doesn’t to bring in quality new clients.

There are so many misconceptions and learnings when it comes to Facebook ads and online marketing. Many who try it fail instantly and say it doesn’t work. I learned what does work, AND you must have a strategy in place that is not just hope and pray that people will see your ad or post and magically want to work with you. That’s a surefire way to lose your hard earned money and leave you feeling frustrated.

So if you want to build an automated online lead generation system for your business AND do the work you want to do with the exact types of clients you dream of, then I invite you to join me in this done WITH you program I’ve created for you.

Take your business to the next level without losing hundreds or thousands of dollars (like I did) on tactics that don’t work. Elevate your brand. Earn what you’re worth. Do what you love.

Is this

right for you?

This is not for you if:
  • You are portfolio building
  • You don’t have ANY marketing materials
  • You fear technology or don’t want to outsource
  • You are not willing to push through challenges
  • You have no idea what you want to book
  • Your pricing is less than $1,000 (average sale)
  • You are not willing to invest in the software tools you need to get your funnel running. (You may already have some and thus not need any additional tools. I will show you different priced options for anything that is required.)
This is for you if:
  • You have been in business 2 years or more and want to start marketing online OR
  • You are in the beginning stage of your business and have the foundation in place to take on clients (e.g., consultation and sales process)
  • You have an online funnel already but it’s not working as well as you want
  • You want to start booking for another type of service or genre
  • You are ready now to generate leads for holidays, new year, or Valentine’s Day


You don’t need a lot to start. But the more you have the more it helps and the better it converts.


You must take ownership over these.
Valuable Download

This can be your studio magazine, a guide to solve a problem or objection, a tutorial, or a gift voucher to work with you. If you do not have one made yet you need to be able to create one in a day. I will not be creating this.


You need to show your work and what you are creating for your clients. This should be either photos or videos. Both are ideal. You can repurpose photos into a slideshow video if needed.


You will be creating a landing page on your website to send traffic to for more information about your services. You need to be able to make the page yourself or have someone you can outsource the design to. I will provide recommendations for landing page builders if you do not have a website or want to create pages separate from your website.

CRM or Studio Software

You will collect email addresses and they need to be added to your database. You will also set up an automation sequence to build relationships with new prospects. You need to have knowledge of how to use your system or be willing to figure it out. I cannot provide technical support as part of this program.


Not required but will greatly help.
Product Photos

The more you demonstrate what you are selling and how to use it the better your results will be. While this is not required to create your funnel, it will educate and prime your audience on what you have offer.

Client Stories

The more you can share your previous clients’ stories, the more new leads you will convert. This can be written testimonials, case studies, before and after galleries with quotes, and client behind the scenes videos.

Transformation Gallery

Show the power of what you can do for your clients. A visual representation that shows the results of what you are able to achieve gives them reason to trust you and then hire you. The before and after goes a long way and is one of your strongest marketing tools. If you combine it with your client stories, it will be your highest converting lead source.

Behind the Scenes

This can be a studio tour or you in action. Both photo and video are desired, but even having one will help. You can also add these at a future time to optimize your funnel.

How It Works

Daily Tasks




I broke the funnel down into 5 major components. Each day you will receive a video lesson and a downloadable workbook that will guide you through the tasks you need to complete that day. Some tasks will be scripting, some creating video, and some building your capture pages and ads.


Q&A call




I will schedule 5 question and answer calls in a private webinar room where you can ask me any questions or get additional support with any of the tasks in the program. Each call will be scheduled at a different time of the day so that every time zone is supported. A call recording will also be provided.

Facebook group




You will have a private Facebook group where you can post your daily assignment and get feedback or support. You can ask other members to test your funnels and create a friendly community to ensure everyone completes their funnel and has the support they need.

The Plan

5 Moving Parts
  1. Your message and who it is for
  2. Introduce yourself to establish expertise so they immediately get to know, like, and trust you
  3. Map of your funnel and lead capture pages
  4. Continue building the relationship through email and convert into a consult
  5. Generating traffic through Facebook ads and social media
What It Looks Like

Why do so many businesses
fail at marketing online?
They are missing one of these.

14 Clear and Targeted Messaging

In order to attract your ideal client you must know who they are and what is important to them. Don’t know what to say? Check. I mapped out script for you so that you can use your own words in the right format and without sounding like everyone else in your industry. Because you want to go the extra step and have them feel like they have been looking for you all this time.

14 Trust and Expertise

Once your target client sees your message and wants to know more about your services your next task is to show they why they should trust you. Give them value based on your expertise and give them the opportunity to get to know you. We do busines with those we know, like, and trust first. And yes, I have this scripted for you in your own words too! No worries here.

14 Show Them What They Want

When is the last time someone offered you a general solution for your problem and you got excited and bought what they were selling? I’m going to guess never. Every step you take potential leads through needs to continue down the path of why they came there in the first place. You got their attention, now give them what they came for. I have the blueprint ready for you to start building your page in the format they are looking for.

14 Once Is Not Enough

And when was the last time you met someone for the first time or saw their ad once and you immediately called them to buy their product or service? Close to never too I’d bet. In most cases people are not ready to book or buy on first contact. Some need a few days and others a few years. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose that lead. I’ve mapped out an engaging email nurture sequence that will help them convert now or later.

14 Now You Can Bring In the Traffic

This was the piece I was missing and why I lost money when I started advertising. I didn’t have the first pieces in place. Then I had half of a strategy and I started building some success. Nowadays, Facebook advertising can be complicated or it can be fairly simple. And I’m not talking about boosting a post. I’ll show you how to create a real targeted ad using everything you created the first 4 days and you will see it all come together to tell a beautiful story to your ideal client. I’ll even give you some tips on what types of images to use and how to use a video ad to build an audience even if you don’t have a landing page or website. And you’ll learn how to show more to those viewers who already showed interest in your work. You know, just like that pair of shoes you were looking at that are now following you online.

Get Started

Start Monday Nov. 20 and
Launch by Friday Dec. 1

Why these dates?

Because without them you will keep procrastinating and pushing it off, from tech fear, overwhelm, or whatever reasons you have for not creating your funnel yet.

You can work through the program at the pace I set, which is about every 2-3 days or you can work at your own pace. My guarantee is that you can be up and running with an ad by the end of the month. And I’m here to help you make it happen.

And yes I know Thanksgiving is this week and is hectic. Which is why I expanded the 5 day course into 11 days so that you can take some days off and still complete your funnel. And if you take a little longer to finish that is okay too. The goal is to finish and have a working lead generation system in place.


Your investment has 2 stages:

1. The Done With Me Funnel Launch

2. Ongoing software and advertising budget



I have designed this program to give a return on your investment with your first lead generation funnel client. This is why this program suggests you have an average sale of $1,000 or more. I want you to be successful from the start.



You do not have to advertise to register for the program. Everything I teach you can be used for organic growth, SEO, and social media. If you want to utilize the program fully and see a return on your investment now, they you should budget for $400 for Facebook ads and your launch. You can also build as many funnels as you’d like. I recommend a separate funnel for every genre or service you offer.

Your Invitation.

To register, select the option that works best for you. This is all you need to get started to create your automated lead generation funnel.

One Payment

Once and done.

Save $50 for best value.

Two Payments

Launch your funnel now.

Finish paying in 30 days.

* BONUS ($500 Value) *

Incentive to launch now

Everyone who creates their funnel and is ready to launch by 12 pm EST on Friday December 1 will receive a full review by me before you start running your ads.

No more procrastinating. No more wondering if you are doing it right or fear you messed something up. Send me your ad and your landing page and I’ll be the first person to go through your funnel and give you any suggestions for improvement.

After December 1 the funnel review will need to be purchased separately as a mentoring package that starts at $500.

Does that entice you enough? I’ve removed all the fear, all the knowledge, and created the support to get you started.

The rest is up to you.



Have a Question? Ask me below.