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2017 is almost here!

Are you ready to create new opportunities?

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I’ll help you create your new year goals
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Joanna Ziemlewski
Coach & Mentor

Reconnect to your desires
Set goals with intention.
Jump start
Accelerate your progress in 4 weeks.
Make it amazing
Daily practice for consistent growth.


4 week 2017 Kick start group coaching course to get clarity, learn, apply, and take action towards your goals immediately


Anyone who wants business growth, more love and passion in your relationship, better health and fitness, or results in any mental, financial, emotional, or spiritual area


4 weeks during January 2017


Online worldwide


We will meet once a week as a group where Joanna will lead you through the steps to not only set your goals for the year, but to also bust through your blocks and get crystal clear clarity on who you are and what you offer.

You will create an action plan to reach your outcomes and hit the ground running into February.


Vision boards and goal setting

What do you really want? Get clarity and create a vision for your goals.

Blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears

What is keeping you from what you want? Breakthrough it once and for all.

Plan for work

Who, what, when, where, why? Create your daily/weekly/monthly plan.

Your value and taking action

What sets you so apart from your competition that you have no competition? Establish your value in such a way you that marketing is easy and effortless. Skyrocket your confidence so that you can walk into any room and clearly attract your ideal clients.

Get clear on your goals and what you want.
Learn easy hacks to plan your day and reach your goals.
Transform your blocks into stepping stones.
Stay committed to working on your goals each week.
Coaching to help you accelerate your progress & handle blocks.
Meet like-minded professionals to help and support you.

How can I be sure this will help me reach my goals?

You will receive an enrollment form before the course begins to let me know what your goals and outcomes are for the course. I will customize the weekly content to meet everyone’s objectives. I will also schedule the calls for a time that works for the majority of the group.

What if I can’t make the call?

All the calls will be recorded and released for future use.

What if I need further support?

I will be working with some of you individually on the calls as examples for the rest of the group and to answer your questions. We will also have a private Facebook group for you to post your assignments, ask questions, and get feedback from all of us.

Does this only apply to business goals?

Most of the program will help you reach your business and financial goals as the foundation. Personal and relationship goals will also be covered to help you create a better quality of life and relationships. Goals of all kinds are welcome during the question and answer sessions and in the Facebook group to share resources, support, and plan accountability within the group.

I really want to do this but can’t do the full payment upfront. Can I still participate?

Yes! A three payment option is available so that you can still participate and get started on reaching your goals. The first payment is your deposit to get you enrolled. The second and third payments will be charged 3 weeks apart to give you some extra time to make the payments. By the time you complete the course all of your payments will be complete.

Why are you doing this?

I am so excited to be able to offer this for you! I want to see your success and for you to maximize every opportunity available to you in the new year. Abundance is everyone’s birthright and I know we will help you create more of it in your life!

When does the course start?

We will start some time between January 5-11 and go for 4 weeks at the same day and time we decide.

How do I enroll?

Select whether you want to do the Pay In Full option or the Payment Installment Subscription below.








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Our Previous Happy Clients

I loved the experience and the chance to really take a look at my issues and have a definite plan to move forward. I felt like there were more actionable items and goals for me to go after. I’m able to talk to people about my business with more confidence. I like having goals and vision boards and intention and I keep working towards them. I also am able to console myself when I am feeling down. Joanna is really passionate about coaching and guiding. She genuinely cares and I was comfortable talking with her. I felt like I developed goals and steps to take to help me grow as a person, which helps with my business.

Doreen M.

The description of your 4-wk workshop really resonated with me. It answered my need to clear away blocks and establish a daily practice that would help me move forward in my business. The experience was even more positive than I imagined. I really liked that it was over a four-week period, so that I could digest it in small chunks and work on any questions I had throughout the week with the group. Our work gave me specific items to work on every day, and that’s a huge help. It’s a daily practice that sets me up in a really positive state every day, and I can draw on that any time I need a boost. I love that it makes me feel stronger and more focused. I happily recommend this program to anyone. Any time you can stretch yourself mentally and overcome whatever is holding you back, I say, “Go for it!”

Jennifer F.

I was looking for some direction for my business plan for the year. I have a lot of ideas and resources, but needed help organizing it into an action plan. I was curious, a little nervous and excited to start the program. I was worried I was too much of a beginner and not advanced enough as a photographer, or in my business, to keep up with everyone else. I have a tendency to do everything backwards (run a marathon and then learn how to train for one, i.e.), and I was worried I’d be the weak link or not have enough experience to fully incorporate whatever she had planned for us.

My fears and concerns were clearly all unfounded, my level of experience didn’t matter at all. Her instruction is for any level, mastery or novice. My experience working with Joanna has been, basically, transformative. I have been working hard the past year to build a new business and on a deeper understanding of myself and my art. This course has changed so much for me, opened so much. I feel like I was on the edge of some wonderful expansions and she gave me tools to get through another barrier. The big emotions of gratitude, joy, and love I’m manifesting are so correct and right. She is patient, understanding, pragmatic, and very supportive. There’s nothing to fear, only gain in spirit, person, business.

Working with Joanna has changed my life in a some very poignant ways. I now can clearly definite my goals and I have clear outlines and tools to make daily, monthly, and beyond tasks that specifically work toward my goals. But on a deeper level, I’ve learned how to identify and address fears and things holding me back from my true self and my full potential. It is a relief to learn it is an ongoing process, which make Joanna’s tools so much more important on a daily basis. She guided us to uncover what emotions we want to feel every day and then we worked to figure out how to achieve these feeling and how they can relate (and enhance) our personal and professional goals. What I love so much about this program is that it’s applicable to everything: my relationships, my business, and my personal growth. The deeper understanding of myself and my intentions has given me a greater understanding of who to market to, and how to market to that group. As far as measurable results: my relationships feel more honest and instead of being nervous and scared for photo sessions, I’m excited and full of joy. I can’t wait for the next one and what I can offer my clients.

I whole-heartedly recommend working with Joanna. She has so many resources to help you through tough moments, memories, blocks and/or fears. She packages these tools up in very pragmatic ways that make sense and can be used continuously. Her diverse background and sense of humor give her a unique perspective that can help her relate to a wide range of obstacles or issues you might encounter. She’s passionate and wants deeply to help us move forward with integrity and honesty and gratitude.

Mariah E.

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